Davis Family Gangstas 

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Wel¢ome to the Westside Davis Family Gangstas (WDFG)

We are a gaming crew on Rockstar's Social Club

-We're a GTA crew on PC/ PlayStation 3/PlayStation 4  & Xbox 360/Xbox One.

-Join us through Rockstar's Social Club website. Race, deathmatch, golf, darts, we do it all. Come run the streets of Los Santos with us.

-Look around & learn a little about our crew. Also check out our forum.

Gang Green! Families Gang or Don't Bang!

*NOTE: Please leave the real life gang beef in the streets. You can't earn stripes net bangin. Besides, if you're claimin Bs & Cs and talkin 5 & 6  point stars.....YOU'RE FAKE!

In The Underbelly of Paradise, it is implied that the Families have territory in Davis. This is also supported by Families members wearing Jerseys with "Davis" written on the back, and who claim to be from Davis in conversations. This suggests that Families are supposed to have territory in Davis, however they are not programmed to spawn there. It is also implied that there are various other sets in additoin to the three known ones.

Love Sosa freestyle
Kevin Gates